Live In 24 Hours

Live-in-Care allows you or your loved ones to stay at home and enjoy a one-to-one full time attention on your terms & to your schedule, in familiar, relaxed surroundings. Supported by a fully trained live-in care worker who works to an individually designed care plan, many of our clients find this one-to-one personal home care service ideal.

Domestic services can provide assistance with nutrition, often through basic support tasks like accompanied shopping and help with meal preparations, whilst at the same time helping the individual to retain or regain key skills themselves. Choosing how to handle the care of a loved one in their later years can be a difficult decision, and we help families with deciding and choosing their best options. There is no right or wrong - every family situation is different.

Our aim is to improve people's lives by promoting independence and choice for older people. We provide a range of care, health and housing options. So whatever your needs, we can support you to have a good quality of life.

We provide reliable care workers in a variety of situations where it becomes desirable for service users to have 24 hours support in their own homes. It may be for the purpose of having a long-term housekeeper and carer e.g. when families want to proceed on a holiday but require the peace of mind that their loved elderly relations are in safe hands, or for the reasons of regular respite break from active caring duties by the main family carer.